English Quickly and Correctly לחינם ABC חוברת פלאית

English Performance

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The student must believe he or she can succeed and progress. The English Performance system teaches pupils to read and write English perfectly, within a few weeks. The E.Q&C manual teaches mastery in each phase of langauage aquisition; reduced to the smallest increment of new information, which builds on knowledge already perfected.

Teaching English to Israeli students, I found it helpful to explain that English works differently from the Hebrew language because, the way that nouns combine with verbs is not the same in both languages. The English sentence structure requires that a noun (people or things that perform the verb) will always be combined with verbs: every sentence requires both!

The four verb structures in English: Simple, Progressive (Continuous), Perfect (Complete), and the Passive serve to make statements and ask questions relative to place and time. The issue of asking questions using the infinitive, To Do, is discussed fully.

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